Fee for Shirokane2

Shirokane2 charges system has followed the Shirokane1. BP1, FG1 courses of Shirokane2 are equivalent to AP1, EG1 of Shirokane1 respectively. Charges are the same as the corresponding courses.

Major differences between Shirokane1 of courses equivalent are as follows.

Shirokane2 provides you with a two times more CPU cores than Shirokane1.
If you make a Web service in Shirokane2, you can use Web server only Type-B. (Application for Shirokane1 is required in the use of Type-A Web server)

Service Fee for Shirokane2

Shirokane2 Fee List for Academic Organizations

The fee list of Shirokane2 for academic users (PDF)

The queue and the number of slots of Univa Grid Engine which can be used (academic users)

Shirokane2 Fee List for Civilian Agencies

The fee list of Shirokane2 for private company users (PDF)

The queue and the number of slots of Univa Grid Engine which can be used (private company users)

There are various usage plans ranging from a free usage plan to a large-scale occupation usage plan.
Minute addition of resources is possible.
Application details can be changed monthly.
Corporate bodies can register as users.
Service fees for those belonging to academic research institutes such as universities can be paid out of scientific research funds, and can be paid in a lump sum at specific times of the year, such as the end of the fiscal year.
Fees can also be paid as a lump sum at the beginning of the usage plan instead of as monthly payments.
A review requires five business days (excluding weekends, holidays, and the period from December 29 to January 3).
Regulations on Use and the fee charts are reviewed annually.

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