Commercial/Private Use

The HGC does not in any way restrict usage of the supercomputer to academic institutions; we also welcome those in the commercial/private sector. Since our supercomputer is normally difficult to make individual adjustments to, the extension of its use to the private sector for reasonable prices helps us continue our human genome research.

Qualification for Use and Usage Guidelines

Qualification for Use

Private users must meet at least one of the criteria listed in the "Purpose of Use and Qualification" section in order to be able to use the supercomputer.

Usage Guidelines

Please read the directions on this page and submit an application for a new account. All applications will be screened. Applicants whose applications are accepted usually receive their account within 5 days.

Advantages of Using the HGC's Supercomputer

Our supercomputer system is not merely a hosting service for a system. The following are some of the advantages of using our supercomputer system:

Access to computing resources for lower prices than possible through outright purchasing.
A shared-disk file system running Lustre at speeds you can only get in a supercomputer, allowing quicker and easier access to your files than a typical server.
Quick access to data mirrored from GenBank, RefSeq, UniProt, and other public databases.
Software frequently used in the bioinformatics industry for genome sequence analysis, among other purposes, is pre-installed. Anything not already installed may be requested, and the user will not need to perform the installation*.
The ability to publish the results of your calculations on the web.
Knowledgeable and experienced support personnel to respond to any specialized requests you may have.

*Note: Some software may be available under an Academic Free License. See this page for more details. Please make sure to check all software licenses at their respective homepages and distribution sites before use.



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