General Structure

The supercomputer system, Shirokane4, began operation from April 2017. Shirokane4 is not just equipped with high-speed processing abilities and I/O functionality but a system that both possesses in-operation extensibility and conserves electric power.

System structure

Shirokane4 General Structure

Shirokane4 performance

Cooling equipment
System nameNumber of nodesRpeak
CPUOSCPU Coresmemory
Compute node Thin140145Xeon E5-2650 v4 (2.2 GHz)3,440128 GB--
Home Disk------18 PB
Archive Disk------3 PB (Cache Area)

Compute node Thin

These 24-core Intel Xeon E5-2650 v4 CPUs equipped with 128 GB of memory constitute Shirokane4's group of compute nodes. The group is composed of 140 total nodes, and of those, two are equipped with an Xeon Phi 7210 as a manycore server for enhanced operating performance. Two further nodes are equipped with a NVIDIA Tesla K80, which allows GPGPU-based operation.

Home Disk

The home disk has with the high-speed and high capacity of 18 PB approximately 1.5 times the disk capacity of Shirokane3.

Archive Disk

Shirokane3's archive disk cache area has been increased by 3 PB of disk space.

The Electricity Conservation Techniques of Shirokane4

Currently being created...

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