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Account Registration and Updating

Usage Fees

Qualification for Usage


Account Registration and Updating

How can we add an account to a group?

Fill out the necessary items on the application for an additional account and apply to the supercomputer support section by e-mail. You will be notified when the account is added by e-mail as soon as the process is completed. To add an account for a user who does not have an account at this center, please submit both a new user registration form and an application for additional account so that the person is registered for a free course and the issued account is added to the group (new user registration is accepted only by mail).

I do not know if I have the "user number" requested on the application form

Although user numbers are issued to those who registered as new users from October 2010 onward, users who registered before that date were not issued user numbers. We are assigning numbers successively from April 2011. Users who do not have a user number can leave the field blank. If you registered as a new user in October 2010 or later and have forgotten your user number, please contact the supercomputer support section.

Eight-character limit for a supercomputer account

A supercomputer account needs to be specified in not more than eight alphabetical (a-z,-,_) and numerical (1-9,0) characters.
The input field in the application for supercomputer use restricts the input to eight characters.
Although a limit to the number of characters is not specified in the Account Application Form, the eight-character limit remains the same.

Usage Fees

Will existing Web sites be charged?

We are arranging matters so that the free service for supercomputer usage can be continued for sites that had been made public as of the month in which usage fees are charged (October 2010). We define public sites as sites where research results and other such information can be referred to from the top page, or where the fruits of supercomputer usage are posted (on the Website). Websites for internal use using authentication functions, which general users cannot view, are exempted. To confirm that the person in charge of web service management can be contacted, HGC will request the submission of an application of renewal of web service at the end of the fiscal year.

Although we initially planned to use the service until the end of the fiscal year, we would like to cancel our account before the end of the fiscal year. Will there be a cancellation charge?

There will be no cancellation charge. A usage fee will be a charged from the month of application to the end of the month of cancellation.

I heard that use of the supercomputer is now possible for a fee. Can I still use it for free?

Use of the supercomputer on a small scale, such as an operation check on an analysis program, is still provided free of charge.
For details, see the fee chart on this page.

Can we pay you out of the expenses for XX?

The center has no rules about the type of funding from which fees are paid. Please check with the institute to which you belong.

When will the bill be sent to us?

Bills are basically sent by the beginning of the month for users paying by the month, and by the end of the month of application for users paying by the year.

Qualification for Usage

Can an international fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science use HGC's supercomputer?

You can apply for a personal course by submitting the appropriate application form (there will be a review). Please contact us regarding a group course.


Are there any explanatory meetings held on HGC's supercomputer services

Currently, it has been decided that the supercomputer services will be exhibited at two scientific society meetings.Please come and take a look.

March 29 to 31, 2011: The annual meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan (canceled), Venue: Twin Messe Shizuoka in Shizuoka City
April 28 to 30, 2011: The annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Pathology, Venue: Pacifico Yokohama

Can I have a tour of the supercomputer facility?

Tours of the supercomputer facility are accepted upon request.
Please send your request to specifying the date and time you wish to have a tour, your affiliation, number of people and purpose.

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