Cooling equipment

Shirokane3 Cooling equipment

Shirokane3's primary cooling system is the indirect evaporation-type cooling unit Oasis, from the company Munters. Warm air inside the room is sent into the Oasis from outside. The Oasis has an internal polymer-made pipe-shaped heat exchanger. The vaporization heat that is released by sprinkled water cools the air that passes through the pipe. The cool air then returns to the room. Oasis is equipped with an force-feed cooling compressor as an auxiliary system, but not much use for it is anticipated due to the assumed Tokyo climate environment. Year-round, it seems that air circulation fans by themselves will be capable of dealing with cooling. PUE is doing a preliminary calculation of 1.06.


Server Specifications

Munters Oasis x 2, direct open-air cooling system x 2

Operational Period and Pictures

Operational Period and Pictures

April 2015 -


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