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NVIDIA Parabricks, a genome data analysis software, is now available
Changes to SHIROKANE support in relation to new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)
NOTICE of Shirokane4 beginning operations


NOTICE of system suspension due to SHIROKANE periodical inspection at HGC
NOTICE of system suspension due to SHIROKANE periodical inspection at HGC
NOTICE of system suspension due to SHIROKANE periodical inspection at HGC
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HGC network maintenance
NOTICE of system suspension due to SHIROKANE September periodical inspection at HGC

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Introduction of the available databases

You can use various databases on super computer. We will introduce details on the available databases.
Introduction of databases

Introduction of the available software

Numbers of useful software are installed on super computer. We will introduce some of the main software.
List of softwares

Supercomputer Use Guide

The supercomputer system of the Human Genome Center (HGC) was established in early 1990s. It is the largest computer system in the field of genome research. This system consists of both shared-memory servers and a distributed-memory server. These are interconnected at high speed within and outside the HGC, providing a powerful yet easy to use working environment.

Overview of the System

The HGC supercomputer system was upgraded in January 2003 in response to the explosive growth of genome research data. The system is composed of the HITACHI HA8000 distributed-memory server, and of SunFire 15K, SunFire 6800 and SGI Origin3900T shared-memory servers. In total, 1,428 CPUs, 3.3 TBs RAM and 145 TBs disk space are available.

Requirements for Application

In principle, the use of the HGC supercomputer system is restricted to people studying or working in the field of genome research. (Within the restrictions imposed by Japanese laws)

How to Submit an Application and Become a User

How to submit an application and become a user

Please Note

Access to the HGC supercomputer system is granted only until the end of the current Japanese fiscal year (end of March). Access must be renewed by submitting the “application renewal” form (URL) before this date.
There is no usage fee at the moment, but this may change in the future. For this reason, please fill the name of the pay officer or account officer in the application form. You will be informed before a fee is charges and will have the possibility to stop using the HGC supercomputer system at this time. If you do not belong to The University of Tokyo, you are welcome to use our computer system after contacting us.
The domain name “” is not related to us. If you would like to have an e-mail address on this domain, please refer to IT-service Homepage.

About Acknowledgment

Please include the following statement in the Acknowledgements section of any papers published as a result of research that employed the HGC supercomputer system:

Computation time was provided by the Supercomputing services,
Human Genome Center, the Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo.

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