Procedure for Web Service Setup

Human Genome Center has two types of Web servers: Type-A, which links the use of a high-speed magnetic array disk to a calculation node and is exclusive to supercomputers; and Type-B, which is used for general-purpose websites. Both are intended for use by those with a supercomputer account. For more detailed information on web servers, please refer to the supercomputer utilization methods from when the Web service was developed.

Procedure for Web Service Setup

By submitting an Application Form for Web Service Setup, you can setup your Web service available on the super computer system. After receiving your application form, we will review it and send you the setup notification. Please post the application form to following address:
MS-WORD format PDF format

The expiration of the service will be the end of the fiscal year (March 31st) in which the application was made. It is necessary to submit a renewal application form for each fiscal year.
MS-WORD format PDF format

[Postal address for submissions · Contacts]
ZIP code 108-8639 Functional Analysis in silico HGC Supercomputer Support Team
The Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo, General Research Building 8F
Shirogane-dai 4-6-1 Minatoku 108-8639 Japan

Tel: 03-5449-5514 (Extension:75514)


As part of the setup notification details that we send you, we will provide information on the DocumentRoot and the directory in which to execute CGI for Web services.
Settings can only be overwritten by '.htaccess' if you submit an Application Form for .htaccess. If you wish to use '.htaccess', please complete the application form and send it by e-mail to
MS-WORD format PDF format
A management user ID will be issued if the application is accepted. For service maintenance, please use the management user ID.

Security issues

For reasons of security, please note the following points.
Please change the initial password immediately.
Please grant write permission to 'owner' and 'group' ownership for each directory under the document root. Do not grant write permission to 'other' ownership.
To use the 'file upload' function, please upload the file to any directory other than htdocs and cgi-bin under the document root directory. This step will prevent the uploading of malicious scripts by external parties.
Please use the management user ID when handling files related to the Web service.
Please consider security when overwriting settings by '.htaccess'. It is insecure to grant ExecCGI carelessly other than to the cgi-bin directory.
When receiving the form information by CGI, please perform cross-site scripting prevention (to prevent the insertion of malicious code). It is effective to use libraries for CGI.
Other security measures are described on the ISEC pages of the IPA (Independent Administrative Institution Information-Technology Promotion Agency). Please visit these sites for reference:
Web Programmer Course
How to Secure Your Web Site

Notes for when filling out the application

  1. The service created by this application will be active to the end of the fiscal year (March 31) of the date of application. If you wish to continue providing the service, please fill out a renewal application.
  2. The Web service takes into account the number of accounts in the contract (personal and group), as well as the home disk capacity.
  3. Please include one of the following statements in the main text or the Acknowledgments section of any papers published as a result of research that employed the HGC computer system: You may adjust the wording to fit into the text.
  4. English
    Computation time was provided by the Supercomputer System, Human Genome Center, the Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo.
  5. Please put the HGC banner at the top page of the web site.
  6. Web page example
    <a href=""$gt;<img src="" border="0" width="400" height="75" alt="This website is provided by Human Genome Center, the Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo" /></a>

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