Application for Virtuoso

Application for Virtuoso

Application Points To Note

A supercomputer system account is required to apply.
Please register after strictly making sure of the intended use of RDF Database Virtuoso.
The expiration date for RDF Database Virtuoso shall be at the end of the fiscal year that you applied. An email shall be sent at the end of the fiscal year, prompting you to choose whether or not you will continue to use it during the next year.

Application for Virtuoso

Please enter the new RDF Database Virtuoso registration application items below, and email the application to You will be contacted after review and registration. Please describe your intended use of the RDF Database Virtuoso in as much detail as possible. If the intended use is not deemed appropriate, you may not be able to register. Furthermore, the allocated memory size is 64GB, however, you may apply for more if it is required.

Subject: Application for Virtuoso
Supercomputer User Name:
Purpose of Use:
Desired Database User Name (First Choice):
Desired Database User Name (Second Choice):
Desired Database Name (First Choice):
Desired Database Name (Second Choice):
Desired Memory Size (Only if more than 64GB is desired.):

Application for Virtuoso Termination

Please fill out the following form and send it to

Subject: Application for Virtuoso Termination
Database User Name:
Database Name:

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