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How to Display PDF/Postscript Files

You can display PDF and Postscript files on the X Window System using the 'display' command.
Set the IP of the client to the 'DISPLAY' environment variable before executing the command. %setenv DISPLAY XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
%display file001.pdf

How to Deal with an Abnormal Increase in the Number of Threads When Executing Java

The number of threads may exceed 100 when utilizing JDK1.5, J2SE 5.0, or JDK1.6, and when executing JAVA applications. This occurs because GC versions after JDK1.5 behave as parallel GCs and create a number of threads equal to the number of CPUs in the computer. Prevent the computer from overloading by using one of the following options:

If multiple Java applications are executed on JDK1.5/JDK1.6 without using these options, the computer will become overloaded and the computing speed will show a marked decrease. Therefore, please use these options. Relevant Web sites are listed below.

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