General Structure

The supercomputer system consists of a large number of nodes.
The Sun Blade X6250 and Sun Fire X4440 are distributed-memory servers. In this system, a large number of nodes equipped with multi-core CPUs are connected by a high-speed data communication network. High-speed computing is possible by executing multiple processes simultaneously. Moreover, a load balancer is installed to ensure efficient use of the available computer resources. The SGI Altix 4700 is a shared-memory server, meaning that it can smoothly execute computations that require enormous memory space. Furthermore, a high-speed large-capacity disk array system is used to store large amounts of data, and a data backup server protects important data from loss.
These high-end computer resources enable us to respond to the increasing demand for computing power in the field of genome research.


CPUOS ProcsMemoryDisk
Sun Blade X6250 x 76875,494Intel Quad Co re Xeon
Linux6,144 32GByte(pernode)1PB
Sun Fire X4440 x 12AMD Quad Core Opteron
8356 (2.3GHz)

Supercomputer system

Super computer system

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